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Over the years, Duratread has built a solid reputation for quality tires with an excellent performance record.  As tire professionals, we have the experience necessary to know about tire manufacturing, and the personal commitment and reputation to ensure our name is recognized as a leading quality product.

The advantage of working with Duratread is not only the tire experience and marketing knowledge that our team has but also the exclusive and advantageous benefits that we offer.

Building a Brand takes time, effort and money, so our preferred business model is to work with partners over a long and constant period of time. We don’t expect our distributors to be the biggest, but we do like them to be the most enthusiastic. We will do all we can to support your local efforts – we have some of the know how – but you will have the know who?

We ship directly from the factory to our Distributors, keeping costs down and a firm grip on logistics right from the factory floor to your front door, expediting the supply and delivery process. We have a dedicated logistics expert in our region and in several locations across the world.

Our number one priority is to ensure that quality standards are maintained and Duratread Tires continue to provide excellent performance. Our production facilities are leaders in their area and comply with all the quality requirements and certifications.

Our highly experienced team of marketing experts can provide you with key marketing support online and offline, including email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing.

We have professional tire support available to advise and support you with your Duratread tire requirements. Aside from providing training, we can work together with you and your customers in the field, monitoring tire performance, advising on tire compounds and recommending payloads. And we commit to dealing with any problems quickly and efficiently.



Duratread are actively looking for experienced OTR tire professionals to join our growing team of Affiliates throughout Latin America and Africa. Successful candidates will be highly motivated and able to work independently as freelance affiliates. Duratread offers an excellent commission scheme. Get in touch today.

Other Job Opportunities

If you are looking to develop your career in the tire industry in sales and are seeking a new opportunity to work with a dynamic company that is rapidly expanding and developing, come and talk to us!