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Duratread – Our Heritage

The first Duratread tire ever produced was a 57” Rim for a Mining Dump truck and it weighed over 3.8 tonnes.
When we launched the Mining Tire range,
our advantage was that we had the expertise to match tire compounds to applications and provide key technical services.
Duratread tires performed exceptionally well and we became mining tire suppliers to BHP Billiton, Xtrata Copper, Tintaya, Alumbrera and Vale de Rio Doce in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil amongst others.

More recently, the Duratread family of tires has dramatically expanded and the range includes tires for Construction, Port and Industrial vehicles, Agricultural and ATV.  Our quality standards, service and ethics are very well respected.   And our clients tell us that Duratread out performs other brands and they get excellent value for money. 


“Our Clients are very satisfied with the product and indicators are that they repeat purchase in 98% of cases. DURATread products stand out for their quality and present the best price-product ratio in the market, reaching a great penetration in the market very quickly. Our growth of the DURATread product line is consistent and our Clients are continually requesting us to incorporate new products and sizes.”

R4; L5 Skid Steer Tires - South America

Our Core Values

At Duratread our core values are honesty, integrity, quality, service and value.

Duratread Tires for all your OTR, Construction and Agricultural needs

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