Duratread Mining Underground Tires


Applications: Smooth mining tires for underground mining trucks including underground loaders, scoops and bore drills.
Features and benefits:
  • Heat and cut resistant compounds utilizing silica technology for cooler running.
  • Reinforced for maximum stability, precise handling and even load distribution
  • Features additional sidewall protection to resist sidewall abrasion.

Mining tires for underground use.

Rim Size Design Ind. Code Load TT/TL Code Status Status


10.00-20 Mine Slik L5S 16PR TT 821016
12.00-20 Mine Slik L5S 24PR TT 821020
24 12.00-24 Mine Slik L5S 24PR TL 820996
14.00-24 Mine Slik L5S 28PR TT/TL 821028
17.5-25 Mine Slik L5S 24PR TL 821032
18.00-25 Mine Slik L5S 32PR TL 821036
20.5-25 Mine Slik L5S 24PR TL 821044
23.5-25 Mine Slik L5S 24PR TL 821048
26.5-25 Mine Slik L5S 32PR TL 821060
36PR TL 821052
40PR TL 821064
29.5-25 Mine Slik L5S 36PR TL 821068
40PR TL 821072

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