TPMS for OTR - Real Data, Real Time, Real Fast


What is the OTR iTrack TPMS?

The OTR iTrack TPMS monitors your OTR tires in realtime and provides fast, accurate, reliable, data on the condition of your tires.
As well as a monitor in the cab of the vehicle, live data about the vehicles tire pressures, braking, vehicle speed, route travelled, fuel consumption and more can be seen from any computer or mobile phone - 24/7.

How does it work?
  • A patch is bonded onto the tire wall or a sensor is attached to the OTR tire valvetranslogik_screen_live_tracking_opt2
  • The sensors transmit information about the tire temperature and air-pressure
  • The information is displayed on a screen inside the cab of the vehicle
  • Simultaneously, the information is transmitted via GPS and GPRS to a central server
  • You get Real data, Real Time, Real Fast - 24/7



OTR Tire Sensor





OTR Tire Patch




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