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Duratread Tires

Duratread-Tires-ColombiaExperienced Tire Professionals

Duratread Tires was launched over 10 years ago by a team of tire experts with many years working for several of the world’s top tire manufacturers. Our experience and knowledge base spans manufacturing process, logistics, marketing and sales at a global level.

Based at the crossroads of Latin America in Panama with a multi-lingual team, our goal is to assist you to find the right tires for your specific needs, in terms of quality, durability, application, and, of course, cost/value relationship.

We have a wide range of Off Road tires including: Agricultural Tires | Construction Tires | Industrial & Port Tires | OTR & Mining Tires and Tires for Trucks and Trailers.

Online Tire Platform

Duratread provides you with a confidential, easy to use online tire platform enabling you to manage your quotations, prices, logistics and more. You also get great service with door-to-door logistics and marketing support to help you achieve your sales objectives.

Duratread’s team of tire experts can additionally help you with: Technical tire support; guidance for application and use as well as recommendations for improving tire life and safety conditions.

Tires for:
Tractors | Harvesters | Implements | Trailers | Cane Wagons | Grain Carts | 2 WD back hoes

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Duratread-Construction-TiresTires for:
Loaders | Backhoes | Excavators | Wheel Loaders | Cranes | Skid Steers | Forklifts

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Duratread-Industrial&Port-TiresTires For:
Backhoes | Skid Steers | Forklifts | RTG’s | Reach Stacker’s | Top Lifters | Container Handlers

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Duratread-OTR&Mining-TiresTires For:
Mining Dump Trucks | Haul Trucks | Scrapers | Articulated Dump Trucks | Front Loaders | Small Haul Trucks | Handlers | Cranes

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Duratread-Truck&Trailer-TiresTires For:
Long Haul Trucks and Trailers | Short Haul Trucks and Trailers

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