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Welcome to the Duratread Team

When we started

Duratread was established over 10 years ago when we started producing off road tires. Our specialty was matching compounds, applications and, above all, technical service to some of the largest mining groups. This was at the time when there were great shortages in mining tire supplies. Since then we have expanded the range to Construction, Port & Industrial, Agricultural, Truck & Trailer tires and now cover the whole range of tires for speciality vehicles.

Tire Experience

Including my time with Duratread, I have completed nearly 40 years of tire experience, 75% of that working with several of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, Michelin, Continental and General Tire in International positions on three continents.

It really does prove that old tire saying that “tires are sticky, once you touch them, you can never escape!”

Our Team

At Duratread, our small and friendly team includes key people that have first-rate knowledge and experience of tires, logistics and all aspects of marketing. It will be a pleasure to share our experience with yours to create a confident and professional business relationship.

We have a wide range of quality products from large mining tires to small tires for farming implements.  If you have special requirements, we can source or develop tires specifically for you.

Certified by:  US.Dot | SASO | In Metro | CCC | E-Mark

We provide you with dedicated support and service at every level and give you unique
access to our online tire platform that provides live updates of prices,  orders and
communications inside a confidential e-business platform.

With our creative team of marketing experts we can provide you with key marketing support offline and online to help grow your business. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will give you some new ideas. We did it already for many others!

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