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What do our Customers say about Duratread Tires?

Duratread-SKS-TiresA Duratread Customer in Latin America is a leading representative of the world’s top brands of lifting and construction equipment and Duratread is their primary tire supplier.  

So why are Duratread Tires so popular?
 In the words of the Supervisor responsible for Sales and Parts: 

Our Clients are very satisfied with the product and indicators are that they repeat purchase in 98% of cases. DURATread products stand out for their quality and present the best price-product ratio in the market, reaching a great penetration in the market very quickly. Our growth of the DURATread product line is consistent and our Clients are continually requesting us to incorporate new products and sizes.


Duratread began with Large Mining Tires

The Duratread brand was created in 2006 by dedicated tire experts who spent decades working with the world’s leading tire manufacturers in the fundamental areas of design, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service.

The first Duratread tire ever produced was a 57 inch rim, weighing over 3.8 tonnes for a Mining Dump Truck.  The tires performed exceptionally well and as a result, ran on trucks in mines owned by BHP Blliton, Extrata Copper and Vale de Rio Doce in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Our specialty was matching compounds, applications and, above all, technical service to some of the largest mining groups. This was at the time when there were great shortages in mining tire supplies.

Since then we have expanded the Duratread OTR tire range to Construction, Port & Industrial, Agricultural, Truck, Trailer and ATV tires and cover the whole range of tires for specialty vehicles.

Tire Sourcing

Duratread’s team of tire experts source high quality products from carefully selected and audited factories with whom we have consolidated long term business relationships.  This means we are able to work with customers to provide:

  • A product range that is flexible to be adapted to the ever increasing range of industrial applications.
  • Production of customized products to our own specifications from initial design drawings through to manufacturing.”
  • Local support to users and trade clients.
Duratread Small Mining Tires
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