Intelligence in Tires - Tire and Vehicle Monitoring Systems


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Duratread and Translogik OTR iTrack and Trucksense Asset Management systems provide live, uninterrupted, data about individual tire pressures and temperatures, vehicle speed, acceleration, braking and route traveled via GPS/GSM network.

Take control of your Tires and Vehicles

The Duratread and Translogik Asset Management systems put you firmly in control of your vehicles, your tires and your drivers allowing you to:

  • Maximize Tire Performance
  • Reduce Vehicle Downtime
  • Increase Vehicle Safety

You can receive information wherever you are, at any time, day or night on your mobile phone or on your computer.  Your drivers are also kept fully informed via in-cab display.

We work with all sizes and any brand of tires

Regardless of whether you are using Duratread tires or another brand of tires on your fleet, the Duratread and Translogik Asset Management system is not tied to the purchase of Duratread tires. The system can be implemented on any fleet and any brand of tire, at any time.

Key benefits:

•    Monitors Tire Pressures and Tire Temperatures in real time
•    See live tracking of vehicle and the route
•    Geo Fence vehicles – receive alerts when they are outside their zone
•    From your mobile phone or computer, get live data about your drivers and driver behavior (braking, speed and fuel consumption)


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